The place of internships

The importance of internships
The gradual introduction of students to the work environment is one of the main objectives of the École Supérieure de Parfum.

With this in mind, four internship periods, each with a different objective, have been set:

  • Year1
  • training
  • Year2
  • training
  • Year3
  • training
  • Year4
  • Year training

Between Year 1 and Year 2,

student may choose between a commercial internship or a humanitarian mission in relation with perfume or raw materials


Between Year 2 and Year 3,

students should carry out a technical or commercial internship in order to acquire a practical understanding of the course content yet to come.


Between Year 3 and Year 4,

the work placement sought should this time be oriented towards the creation of fragrances.


Finally, during the fifth year,

one or several internships covering a total period of 32 weeks should be carried out based on the student’s choice of professional orientation. This or these internship(s) may potentially turn into professional contracts (in the context of a work-study program), depending on the situation.