Premises and equipment

Teaching how to create perfumes requires the use of precision equipment. The École Supérieure du Parfum therefore provides its students with a chemistry laboratory and an olfaction laboratory, where the equipment is regularly updated. The use of this equipment is an integral part of the course in that it provides students with essential professional know-how.

Students will learn to manipulate equipment such as chromatographs, mass spectrometers, precision scales, olfactometers and other materials designed for technical testing.

In addition to the laboratory, the olfactory library is a fundamental teaching tool. It provides students with and helps preserve a large number of raw materials that will be used as the bases in the students’ experiments.

Located in the heart of Paris, in the Cambronne district next to the UNESCO, the ESP’s premises spread over more than 1.000 sqm.

The school facilities include an olfaction lab, a chemistry lab, a conference room, six general classrooms and a cafeteria.


13 rue Miollis
75015, Paris

01 42 73 58 15

From 2018 school year, École Supérieure du Parfum, will open a new campus in Grasse, in partnerships with the municipality, Prodarom, the French Trade Union of Fragrance Manufacturers and ASFO Grasse.

Located in the city center of Grasse, the school benefits from premises of more than 600sqm, including an olfaction lab, a chemistry lab, and general classrooms.


18 Boulevard du Jeu de Ballon
06130, Grasse

01 42 73 58 15