A passion for perfume

Passion for perfume is the guiding principle of the school. Whether it is philosophy, chemistry, sustainable, development marketing or composition, everything is a pretext to describe, understand or analyse fragrances and olfactory processes.

In order to transform this passion into an effective line of professional development, the school’s curriculum is structured around several highlights related to well-identified professional skills: analysis, feeling and expression, creation and management.

The École Supérieure du Parfum’s educational project focuses on the professional integration of its students, which is why our program is constantly being re-examined, in order to always be in perfect harmony with the expectations of the industry.

The program has consequently been built around a specific educational project: to allow all scientific and non-scientific students who are passionate about the perfume industry and who have sufficient motivation and work capacity to become involved in various occupations within the industry.




The world of perfume is linked to complex chemical processes, the understanding of which is essential to the mastery of both perfume creation and sales. The educational approach of the École Supérieure du Parfum enables students to study these mechanisms in detail, making them accessible to all those whose curiosity and motivation is strong enough, regardless of their previous scientific training.
The main program is therefore open to students with a scientific, social economics, literary (mathematics option) or technology (STL, STI, STAV) baccalaureate.



The development of an olfactory sensitivity is, of course, an essential part of the programme.
This development happens through the presentation of multiple opportunities to recognise essential raw materials, as well as through the introduction to other types of sensory experiences, such as wine tasting or working with flavours.
It also requires that students be able to relate their experiences in the form of a clear, multilingual discourse that includes a wealth of aesthetic and industry related references.



Mastery of perfume creation mechanisms constitutes the heart of students’ training for the 3rd and 4th years of the programme. The chemical aspects are key. Students must fully assimilate the major constraints of laboratory work and environmental security issues.
Creation does not resume itself to that of perfumes. It is also linked to other aspects such as those related to visual identity, packaging, etc.



The creative process cannot be separated from the marketing and commercial constraints that are at the heart of the luxury goods industry. This concept is all the more important in that it ensures the successful professional integration of our students when the time comes.
The École Supérieure du Parfum thus aims to train real managers who are able to adapt to any area of the industry.

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