Many job opportunities

The perfume industry is a complex industry. It is constrained by the uncertainties linked to the creation process as well as the extreme accuracy required during the production process, whilst also being closely linked to marketing and sales requirements in a global context.

This characteristic means that young professionals are required to have an in-depth knowledge of their area of specialisation, as well as the ability to take the constraints that apply to the entire value chain into account.

It is on this dual requirement that the academic project of the École Supérieure du Parfum has been founded. Instruction is based on the assimilation of basic chemistry skills, the development of a creative sensitivity and the development of sales and marketing expertise.

This allows students to acquire a set of transferable skills that are particularly useful for assessment, sales or marketing careers, or even in an international context. It also promotes an opening towards different parts of the industry : luxury perfumes, or functional perfumery that can be found in an increasing proportion of consumer products.